Through the efforts of our generous supporters,
we are proud to report that our 2016 event raised a total of:


Each charity will receive $12,025.

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Thank you to those who have donated
In Memory Of Edward A. Kaminski:
C.L. Smith Company
Denise Gregory
Mary Pinter
Susan Dombek
Laura Rog
Denice Hart
U.S. Bank
Don and Cindy Koehler
Art and Sharon Morris
Mark and Joan Schnurbusch
American Federation of Teachers
Arleen Roettger
Len and Elizabeth Meyer
Richard and Margaret Fellhauer
John Dring
Paul and Gayle Hermmann
Virginia B. Krus
Cynthia and Brian Perkins
Virginia M. Krus
Cindy Aubuchon and Shannon Quinn
Steve Keller
Mary and Craig Kennedy
John and Catherine Dierkes
Chester and Bernice Wittaack
Progress Services Group
Norman and Nancy Hobart
The Hobart Family
Don and Julie Hasler
Bob and Ann Noland
Bob and Colleen Weber
Ed Scott and Mary Rose
Tim and Pam Fleming
John and Kathy Peterson
Daniel and Lynn Vordtriede
Mary and Robert Bergfeld
MBN Consultant
Bill Weckeack Team
Maryann and Johnny Jurado
Eugene and Evelyn Vetz
Elizabeth and Thomas Durban
Jim and Robyn Hoffmann
Paul and Maria Ederer
Mike and Lynda Streb
James and Joan Smith IV
Dorothy and James Smith